DIY Henna Instructions

Need to learn how to do something in the henna world? We’ve got the answers here!

Easy step-by-step instructions for everything you need to know to learn how to henna. Don’t see what you need? Contact me and ask!

Henna After Care for Dark Henna Color

How to Get Dark Henna Color

Understanding the science of henna will lead to beautiful dark henna stains.

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Applying henna paste

How To Apply Henna Paste

Step-by step instructions for applying henna paste.

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How to roll henna cones

How to Roll Henna Cones DIY

Step-by-step instructions for how to roll the perfect henna cone.

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Glitter Henna Paste

How to Add Glitter to Henna

Add sparkle and color to henna designs with glitter!

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DIY Henna Instructions and Info

How to Strain Henna Paste

Easy step-by-step instructions to strain henna for smooth clog-free henna paste.

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Dark Henna Color Good Aftercare

Henna After Care

Get dark henna stains by following good aftercare of your henna design.

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Self Adhesive Henna Wrap

DIY Henna Sealer and Henna Wraps

Learn how to seal and wrap henna designs to get great henna stains.

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DIY Henna Instructions and Info

How to Make White Henna DIY

There is no such thing as actual white henna, but this DIY guide will show you how to get the look of white henna.

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Store henna powder and henna paste

How to Store Henna Paste and Powder

Keep henna fresh with proper storage of both henna paste and henna powder.

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Soft Squeeze Henna Applicator Bottles and tips

How to Clean Henna Applicator Bottles

Tips to clean henna applicator bottles and fine henna tips.

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