How to Roll Henna Cones DIY

Rolling your own cones for henna application gives you complete control of the size and shape cone you use. Play around with different sizes and shapes to find out what you like best.

Rolling cones can take some practice. Some people get it right away and some need practice, but don’t worry. Anyone can learn to roll cones!

Henna cones are rolled from cellophane paper that is cut into generally triangles, and sometimes rectangles. these are called cello flats. Cutting the cello is the hardest part which is why you should buy perfectly cut cello triangles and cello rectangles from Beachcombers.

cello for rolling henna cones

Instructions to Roll Cello Cones

  1. Place the cellophane triangle printed side down and long edge facing you.
  2. Place a finger on the edge of the long side of the triangle in the middle.
    If using rectangles place finger about 3/4 of the way down the long side away from you.
  3. With your free hand, pick up a corner (right or left) and twist it towards the finger that you have placed in the middle of the long side of the triangle.
  4. Continue to twist creating a cone.
  5. Once you have the cone, hold it with two fingers inside the cone.
  6. If needed, you can twist the cone to adjust its shape until you have a sharp point at the tip. The key to a good cone is a super pointy tip.
  7. Take a small piece of tape and carefully tape the loose cellophane edge about an inch or so from the pointy tip. Use the Scotch brand red plaid transparent tape. The frosted-style tape (green plaid) will not hold up to freezing or the essential oils used in henna.

Filling and Folding the Henna Cone
Scotch red plaid transparent tape for henna cones
Use the transparent red plaid Scotch tape rather than the frosted green plaid Scotch tape. Frosted tape will not hold up to the essential oils or to freezing.

Fill the cone 1/2 to 2/3 with henna using a carrot bag or a sandwich baggie. Don’t worry too much if the henna does not reach the bottom of the tip. Just leave it until you first use it or slightly cut open the tip to let the excess air to escape allowing the henna to fill the entire cone.

Fold in both corners of the cone creating a tab at the top of the cone.
Fold or roll down down the tab until it creates a nice tight cone and tape securely.

Instead of tape you can try a rubber band or binder clips to close cones to close the henna cones. I personally prefer tape, but you can use whatever works best for you.

Cut the tip of the cone with scissors or nail clippers to make a VERY small opening; just enough so that a needle could pass through the hole. Remember, you can also cut the tip a little larger, but once you go too big, you can’t go back!

Another option is to roll your cones with a small opening in the tip, but this takes more practice and control. If you are new, try the closed tip roll first.

Extra Henna Cone Tips
  • Any unused henna can be stored in the refrigerator for later use within a few days. For storage longer than that, freeze henna paste.
  • Use a different printed cello for each batch of henna. This allows you to keep track of different batches of henna.
  • Make large batches of henna paste and cone the entire batch. Freeze the individually filled cones. Thawing individual cones only takes about 15 minutes. This means you are always minutes away from fresh henna!