How to Make White Henna DIY

DIY White Henna

There is no such thing as actual white henna. The pictures you see online of an art called white henna is just any white body art in a henna style design. Actual henna leaves a stain on the skin and is always a red/brown color. Not to worry; if you like the look of white body art in henna designs, it’s easy to do!

There are a number of different ways to create the white henna look.

White Body Paint

Use any type of skin safe body paint and a brush to paint henna designs. This creates a flat design and allows for interesting brush techniques, but does not have any shimmer. Depending on the type body paint you use, it can last until it encounters water and up to a couple of days. Be sure that you are not using acrylic or other craft paints. It MUST be a body safe option.

Guilding/Gilding Paste

This is an easy-to-make paste that you put into an applicator bottle or a henna cone and apply in the same way you apply actual henna paste.

To make white-henna-gilding paste, you’ll need a VERY hard hold hair gel such as “Got 2 Be Glued” hair glue. You can use this alone or mix in a little Elmer’s glue. Add white mica powder/loose eye shadow. You can also add very fine body-safe glitter. Put the paste in a cone or applicator bottle and use!

Depending on the product used to make white gilding paste; this style can be flat against the skin or slightly raised, shimmery or not, and last 1-2 days.

Pros-Aide Medical Adhesive Glue with White Mica Powder

***THE BEST OPTION!*** This technique will give you the best white henna look!

You’ll need Pros-Aide cream or liquid (or a combination of the two) and white mica powder (or a mix of mica powder and body safe glitter). If you don’t have access to mica powder (available at most professional theater or costume shops), you can use any white loose eye shadow.

Using Pros-Aide liquid will create a flat design and therefore sticks to the skin better, lasting longer. The cream will create a raised design. I find the liquid a bit harder to work with, but you can mix in a little of the cream with the liquid and get a product that lies flat-ish and is easy to work with.

Depending on the Pros-Aide glue you use and what part of the body you apply the art, the design can last 2-6 days. Applying to “bendy” body parts such as fingers or wrists will cause the design to fall off much quicker.

You can get a really shimmery design if you use the right mica powder.

Instructions for Pros-Aide “White Henna”
  • Apply Pros-Aide cream or liquid (or a combination of the two) to the skin using an applicator bottle or a henna cone.
  • Allow the Pros-Aide to dry COMPLETELY.
  • Use a soft bristle make-up brush to gently brush the most sparkly white mica powder you can find onto the Pros-Aide!

See? Easy as pie! If you are savvy, you may notice that this is not limed to white body art. You can use ANY color mica powders you like to create different looks!

Remember, this is not actually henna and is a surface application only. White henna body art will not actually stain the skin like real henna.