How to Clean Henna Applicator Bottles

As with any trade or hobby, it’s imporatant to keep your tools maintained for optimum performance and do they have a long life. Keep stainless steel metal tips from degrading, clogging, or breaking by taking good care of them. Jacquard (Jaq or Jac) tips are more susceptible to damage than ORa henna tips, but with proper care, metal henna tips can be used for years.

Clean Henna ApplicatosAvoid allowing henna to dry in applicator tips. If you can’t clean your tips right away, put them in a cup of clean water until you can clean them properly. Clean metal henna tips as soon as possible.

  • Place the metal tips in hot water to soak while you wash the applicator bottles.
  • Squeeze out any excess henna from bottles and rinse the plastic squeeze bottles completely. Fill the bottles half way with water and shake until all henna is loosened. Pour out the water and rinse completely.
  • Remove metal tips (one-at-a-time) from hot water and hold them under running water while using a straight pin to clean any bits of henna on the inside of the tips. Do this with each tip until it is completely clean and you can see all the way through the tip and water runs freely through the tip.
  • Let air dry completely before putting away. Do not put metal tips or bottles away wet.


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