How to Add Glitter to Henna

Loose glitter for henna pasteBeachcombers’ cosmetic glitter is designed to be applied on top of wet henna to add sparkle and color to henna designs.

Do not mix glitter into henna paste. It won’t add sparkle or color and will clog henna cones and applicator bottles.

Tips for Applying Glitter to Henna
  • Clean the skin with rubbing alcohol before applying henna.
  • Apply glitter while henna is still wet by poofing or gently shaking bottle. Shaking will allow more precision than poofing.
  • If the design is large, glitter as you go so they henna is still wet. Glitter will not stick to dry henna.
  • *Optional* Use a bulb syringe to blow excess glitter from the skin.
    This works best if you’ve cleaned the skin with alcohol, otherwise the glitter will stick to the natural oils in the skin.

CAUTION: Never use craft glitter for henna. Craft glitter has a number of potential dangers. It is generally made of metal and often contains lead. It is also has sharp edges and can scratch the eye. Only use body safe glitter for decorating henna.

All Beachcombers’ henna glitter is cosmetic grade body safe .008 hex glitter made of polyester. Protect your clients and only use cosmetic grade glitter when applying glitter anywhere on the body.

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