How Much Henna to Dye Hair

How Much Henna Do I Need for My Hair?

How much henna for long hairHenna is generally sold in 100 gram packs.

  • Short Hair (Chin Length) = 50-100 grams of henna (1 pack)
  • Shoulder Length Hair = 100-200 grams of henna (1-2 packs)
  • Mid-Back Length Hair = 200-300 grams of henna (2-3 packs)
  • Waist Length Hair = 400-500 grams (4-5 packs)
  • If you are just doing roots on any length hair, you obviously don’t need as much henna.

If you have exceptionally thick hair, add more henna. If you have curly hair, add even more henna! Any henna you don’t use can be frozen for later use or it can be used as part of a henna gloss.

*TIP* To save money, buy henna by the kilo. Unopened henna powder is good for 3 years if stored in a cool dry place! You can also mix larger batches of henna paste and freeze it in individual sized “servings” for later use. Let it thaw and you have ready to use henna at your fingertips!

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