Henna Safety Checklist

How do you know that the henna you are getting is safe? This handy checklist will help you determine henna safety.

Getting a Henna Tattoo Safety Checklist
  • The artist should seem knowledgeable about henna and how henna works.
  • Ask the artist if they mix their own henna. A professional artist should be mixing their own henna.
  • Ask what is in the henna paste. You should recognize everything and it shouldn’t’ be a terribly long list.
  • Ask how long the henna needs to be on the skin. The answer should be a good long while (bare minimum of 2 hours).
  • Ask what color the henna stain will be on the skin. It should start off orange and darken over a couple of days. If the henna does not do this, it is NOT safe henna.
  • The henna should smell of the oils used in the henna.

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Buying Henna Product Safety Checklist

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  • The company should be knowledgeable about henna and how it works.
  • The company (or more-so the people in the company) should regularly use henna.
  • They should be open about henna information.
  • Ingredients should be available.
  • The henna purchased should behave the way henna is supposed to behave.

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