Henna After Care

Henna After Care for Dark Henna ColorThe color and longevity of a henna tattoo depends on a number of factors including your body temperature, your skin PH level, what part of the body is tattooed, how long you leave the henna paste on the skin, how you remove the henna paste, and how well you care for your henna stain.

  • Keep the henna paste on as long as possible (4-8 hours is ideal).
  • Keep the area as warm as possible.
  • Do NOT wash the henna paste off with water. Gently scrape the dried henna off. If you have stubborn henna bits, apply some olive oil on the henna, let it soften the henna for a couple minutes, then scrape the henna off.
  • AVOID water on the henna stain as long as possible. Try to avoid water for the rest of the day.
  • Avoid chemicals and cleaners, chlorine, salt water, smoothing lotion, and abrasive soaps.
  • The henna stain will be light orange at first, but will darken considerably over the next 24-72 hours.
  • Optional: Apply olive oil on tattoo before showering or getting wet.
  • Optional: If you swim, apply spray bandage sealer over the stain first.

Dark Henna Color Life


In generally you can expect to have good color for 5-10 days, and the henna stain will exfoliate away completely in 1-3 weeks.