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Henna Designs Picture Galleries
Get inspired with henna design ideas in the below henna picture galleries.

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Man henna tattoo!  Tribal henna design on an athlete
Man Henna Tattoos! Henna Designs On Men

Henna is for men too!  Manly henna can be anything you want, tribal, abstract, Egyptian, Kanji characters, whatever.  Some of the henna designs below are on women but work beautifully on men.

As always, pictures that show black henna are actually pictures with the henna paste still drying on the skin. 

Once the paste is scrapped off (never use water to remove your henna paste) the stain is typically orange at first. 

The henna will continue to cure over the next 24-72 hours (depending on your body chemistry, the henna mix ingredients, and your henna care) to develop into a brownish-red stain.

Last Date New Pictures Added:  April 2012

Tribal Henna

Tom's wants henna for a swim meet. The NATIONALS, no less!

Tribal Man-Henna

We specifically accented the shape of Tom's muscles.

Body Accent Henna

What a great canvas! Fantastic muscle definition!

Guns N Roses Henna

Cool, right?!

Maori Inspired

This teenager was a great kid with all kinds of leadership potential. We used symbolisim to accent that.

Maori Tattoo Inspired Henna

Peter's Maori tattoo inspired henna is purely artistic. We did not look up meanings and symbols for within the design.

Aztec Sun Henna

Fun and manly!

Simple Sun Henna

Sunds are popular henna motifs for men

Pin Up Girl Henna

This was part of a sailor costume

Tattoo-Look Henna

Part of a sailor costume

Anchor Henna

I really liked the way this turned out...

Anniversary Henna

Hearts can be for men too!


Complimentary hennas for their anniversary!

Stylized Cross

Centered with a cross

Tribal Henna

Spirals sybolize "the journey"

Native Henna

This henna has a hint of Native American design

Henna Landscape

By Ron of Red Moon Henna

Daniel's Tree

Natural Henna

This tree is inspired form the work of Ron at Red Moon Henna.

Wrapping Henna

All the way around

Branding Henna

John of 3rd Power Outlet and Colder Ice, got branded henna (of course)!

Vacation Henna

Thomas-Jay and Burke gave me challenging designs while visitng on vacation!

Vacation Henna

Thomas-Jay and Burke gave me challenging designs while visitng on vacation!

Vacation Henna!

Thomas-Jay and Burke gave me challenging designs while visitng on vacation!

The Boys!

Thomas-Jay and Burke gave me challenging designs while visitng on vacation!

Henna to Cool Off!

Heavy designs on the soles of your feet and palms of your hands help cool the body.

Kanji Characters

Japanese, Chinese, and other artistic languages make great man henna.

Thank you, Nate!

What a canvas!

Tribal Arm Band

Related, but not matching designs are a great way to show off some man henna

Man Henna Mandala

This is kind of Klingon don't you think?

Beaver's Luau Henna

Happy birthday, Beaver!

Luau Henna

Hawaii dreams righ here in Orlando!

Bold & Fun

Hawiian inspired flowers, leaves, and a sea turtle!

Shading for Color

The shading took forever, but the results were stunning!

10 for 10 Years

This was the 10th anniversary Luau!

Bold Color & Negetive Space

You need a combination to give a henna design interst

Burning Man Henna

Chock full of symolisim!

Burning Man Henna

I like henna "scenes"!


A dragon wrapping around the neck can be nothing less than fierce.

Dragon Henna

Mike is a Kung Fu champion and wanted something firece for a competition.

Texture Henna

We created some shading and texture here.

Dragon Henna

Movement with henna

Dragon Henna

What a canvas!

Lost Henna Tattoo

This is inpsired by a tattoo from a chacter on the series Lost.

Tricky Henna!

Rubin wanted to trick his friends into thinging he got a real tattoo.

Elvish Henna

Kurt brought in an Elvish translation for me to henna on his arm

Dragon Boy!

Fire breathing and winged, just the way a dragon should be!

Linguistics Henna

This is Hebrew!

For the Guitarist!

Plenty of energy in this tribal man henna!

Connecting Henna

This echoed elements of the henna design his girlfriend got. Think of it as connecting the energy between you with henna.

Infinity Henna

Tribal Infinity Henna

Symbolism and Henna

Om, Chinese good luck, and tribal fun.

Firey Sun

This was done on a woman, but the design could easily be done on a man.

The Other Arm

Another different type of sun

Andy's Convention Henna

Nothing like letting your hair down at a business convention!

How Sweet!

For Micheal's girlfriend!

Tribal Heart

Add your girlfrien's name or initials in the heart and you got yourself an awesome surprise anniversay/Valnetine/birthday gift!

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

This was done on a woman, but any hieroglyphic design could be henned!

Aztec Feel Henna

Water & Fire

This was done on a woman, but could easily be adapted for a man.

Cooling Henna

Henna on the bottom of the feet is cooling.

Cooling Henna

Tribal Sun

Fun with Fonts

Fiery Henna

Tribal Sun

Classic Henna Tattoo

So much better than really tattooing someone's name on yourself!

Paulo's Hebrew Henna

More tweeks to get it just right!

Sylized Capricorn


Dale Dee's Hair Show Henna

Dale was a judge at the big hair show here in Orlando this year so we did some wonderfully creative henna on him.

Hint O' Celtic

Fun lower back design with a simple Celtic center

Gene's Henna

Growth and grounding, sprouts are great on everyone.

For his wife!

Too sweet...and what fun to henna!

Band Logo Henna

Henna for a concert

Band Logo Henna

Henna for a concert

Sam's Man-Henna

Sam's request was a cross, basketball, and flames

Native American

Mike use a piece of Native American jewelry he's had for years to inspire this henna on him and his grandson, Josh

Grandfater and Grandson

Fun and bonding!

Tribal Henna

A bold spiral with tribal spikes

Dragon - Lower Leg

Shading adds to the effect here

Earthy Tree

For the tree lover

Anarchy for the Cruise

That must have been SOME cruise!

Nautical Stars

By request, done complete free-hand

Tribal Tattoo

Based on a desgin he found online

Tribal Tattoo

Based on a design he found online

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