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Beachcombers Henna Feet, Henna Tattoo Pictures of hennaed feetPretty Henna Feet:  Henna Designs for your feet
Henna is traditionally applied to the hands and feet.  That's where you get the darkest color.  It's no wonder the feet are such a popular place for people to have henna!

As always, pictures that show black henna are actually pictures with the henna paste still drying on the skin. 

Once the paste is scrapped off (never use water to remove your henna paste) the stain is typically orange at first. 

The henna will continue to cure over the next 12-72 hours (depending on your body chemistry, the henna mix ingredients, and your henna care) to develop into a brownish-red stain.

Last Date New Pictures Added: April 2012

All henna designs done by me, Jody of Beachcombers Bazaar, professional henna artist.  Feel free to practice these designs and use them for inspiration.  All content is copyrighted material.  If you want to use a picture, contact me for permission.

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