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Henna Designs Picture Galleries
Get inspired with henna design ideas in the below henna picture galleries.

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Pregnant Belly Henna Designs: 
Mehndi traditions for the mother-to-be

Henna is a traditional blessing an rite-of-passage for many women during pregnancy.  The idea is to offer protection, love, and positive energy to mother and baby.  I love to get others involved in belly henna so you find pictures that include friends of the mother-to-be doing part of the henna design.

As always, pictures that show black henna are actually pictures with the henna paste still drying on the skin.  Once the paste is scrapped off (never use water to remove your henna paste) the stain is typically orange at first. 

The henna will continue to cure over the next 12-72 hours to develop into a brownish stain or a maroon reddish stain, depending on your body chemistry, the henna mix ingredients, what part of the body is hennaed, and your henna care.

Last Date New Pictures Added:  July 2012

Non Symetrical Mandala

A lovely madala at the center of this belly design is made free flowing and organic with curves and lotus.

Monkey See...

We add a cute little monkey to the design. You can also find a sea turtle peeping out at the top.

Monica's Henna Tree

The sweetest mom-to-be! We have a couple of open heart leaves entwined to symbolize mother and father. This is a very rich henna design.

Preganat Belly Henna Birds

The love of Mother and Father join in love offering blessings to the baby. The freedom of birds was perfect for the free-spirit of a mom!

Lotus Blossom Belly

I love that these lotus flowers seem to float along the belly. congratulations Sarah!

Belly Henna Tattoo

This is Sarah's henna at full color

Belly Henna for Mom-To-Be

An earthy tree formed by the ancient Goddess symbol grounds this henna design bring protection and blessings during birth. The bouquet of flowers symbolizes the amazing gift of life Cricket is offering the world.

Earth Mama Henna!

Cricket's henna is a gift from her friend Nikki, so we had Nikki accent the henna with her won design and energy!

Belly Henna Between Friends

I did the main paisely henna design on Bethany's belly to offer blessing to her twin boys. I had her friend Aivin embellish the belly henna with loving flowers cupping the flower-filled paisely pods.

Pregnant Belly Henna for Twins

The perfect henna design for twins. Strong paisleys in supportive Yin Yang formation.

Henna Symbolisim

This picture is before final accents, but notice the Mandala is tilted. Instead of N, E, W, S points the quadrants are rotated 20 degrees. This allowed me to use a modified VW symbol in there (just for the father!).

Morning Sun Henna!

Flowers bloom from the top of the Mandala and overflow symbolizing growth and intelligence for mother and baby. The sun peeking out of the top a wish for a speedy daytime birth.

Pregnancy Henna Design

Calling to mind a bouquet of beautiful flowers, this henna design offers love and relaxation for the mother-to-be. A nice open space to one side symbolizes the openess needed for childbirth.

Pregnant Belly Henna

A bold Goddess symbol represents protection and blessing for mother and child during birth. A henna moon and stars were imporatant henna elements to this mom-to-be.

Pregnant Belly Henna!

What a wonderful bonding between these friends, pregnancy and henna!

Heavy With Symbolisim

Nearly every line in this design symbolized something!

Lovely Floral Henna Belly

The leaves in this design are inspired by Nev.

Mommy-to-be Henna

Jennifer's garden of love! Hibiscus flowers and large paisleys dominate this design for Jenn and her daughter.

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