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Henna Designs Picture Galleries
Get inspired with henna design ideas in the below henna picture galleries.

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Beachcombers Henna Design Gallery
This page has a variety of general henna designs on every part of the body. 
Get new ideas and inspiration for your henna tattoos here!  Find more henna pictures in the henna gallery from the ABOVE henna links.

Pictures that show black henna are actually pictures with the henna paste still drying on the skin.  Once the paste is scrapped off (never use water to remove your henna paste) the stain is typically orange at first. 

The henna will continue to cure over the next 24-72 hours (depending on your body chemistry, the henna mix ingredients, how long you keep the paste on the skin, and your henna care) to develop into a brownish-red stain.

All henna is done by Jody of Beachcombers Bazaar unless otherwise mentioned.

Need a henna tattoo in or near Orlando Florida? 
Visit our store, Beachcombers Bazaar & Henna Studio or check out our list of local henna artists here.

Last Date New Pictures Added:  July 2012

Warrior Henna Cuff

All kinds of girl power in this henna!

Botonical Henna

Tons of shading really make this design striking

Henna x Two!

Always fun to do this style henna!

Flowing Henna Stain

Henna takes best on the palms. The further away you get, the lighter the stain.

A Favorite Henna

I really like how this turned out. Super pretty!

Ribbon Henna

Looks like a wrapped ribbon right?

Ohm Sun

Great summer time henna!

Super Cool Sun

The shading is the "star" in this design

Tiny and Sweet!

Henna doesn't always have to be big to deliver big impact.

Mandala Henna

Pretty little mandala with shading

Celestial Henna

Simple and lovely!

Pre-Natal Hnena

One of my favorite belly designs! See you monkey?

Repeating Flowers

I like henna that uses just a few details repeated.

Rose Henna

A bouquet of roses!

Dragon Flowers

Flowers witha dragon head peaking out!

Just some fun on me

Doodle henna while whatching the tube!

Swirly Fun!

I LOVE this one!

Sunfest Henna

Specifically for the Sunfest Festival

Negative Space Henna

This design is all about the negative space.

Jody Henna

This is one I did on myself!

Classic Henna

Paisley, flower, paisley... but never boring!

Jewelry Henna

Who needs jewelry when you have henna?

Simple and Sweet

The same design in multple places always looks great.

...and Again

See? Looks cute having the same design in two places.

All About the Shading

Extra details really make this henna stand out

Mandala Henna

Classic. Powerful. Beautiful.

Simple Bridal Henna

Bridal henna on a budget

Simple Bridal Henna

Bridal henna on a bidget

Shoulder Henna

So pretty! I love this one!

Mandal Henna

They aren't always on the hand and ankle!

BIG flower Henna

Bold and detailed at the same time!

Flowing & Beautiful

Very elegant design that goes all the way up the calf.

Cross Henna

Celebrate your beliefs in henna!

Pretty & Bold Feet

All about the negative space!

Flowers and Swirls

Always a winning design.

Modified Indian Style

Inspired by Indian bridal henna

Love This!

I think this is so bold and lovely!

Intricate henna

Plenty of details and filler here

Ganesha Henna

Ganesha, Ohm, and Infinity symbols here

Fairy Henna

We gave Karen fairy tattoos!

Classic Elements

All kinds of the basic henna elements in the this henna design

Birthday Henna

Love the moon in this!

Earth and Sky

Grounding and balance

Love the flow

This is all about the fantastic pathways created

Tummy Tuck Scar Coverage

The key to concealing scars is movement and detail. You want to keep the eye moving so it doesn't settle on the scar.

Aloha Henna!

Bonnie's tropical henna sleeve is a feel-good magnet.

Henna Tree

I LOVE to do trees of all sorts!

Simple and Fun

This great little design has tons of movement

Beauitufl Aivin!

SUCH a gorgeous model!

Striking Henna!

This was loosley based on a design the client brought in.

Momma Henna!

I love the way the lotus flowers seem to float!

Belly Stain

Henna stains best on hands and feet. The further away you get from those areas the lighter the stain.

Happy Henna!

You can't help but be happy when you have this much henna on your hands!

Diagonal Henna

This is a favorite style of mine

Two-Tone Henna

Notice the cool scribble design on the finger netting

Prom Henna

Henna + Prom = Great Idea!

Guns N Roses Henna

This was for a party

LOVE this!

A beautiful unique flower style not often found in henna

Ohm Henna

Balance and peace to you

Maori Inspired Henna

The tribal shapes with filled detailing is inspired by Maori designs

Moroccan Henna

Love the line in Moroccan henna

Peek-a-Boo Turtle

This girl is going to grow up to save the world!

Goddess Henna

Fmenine empowerment at it's best!

Lovely Rose

Shading really gives the piece depth

A Favorite!

Great design on a fantastic young woman!

Henna Flow

Dina has the best energy to henna!

See? Great Energy!

The rest of Dina's henna

Henna Garden

An explosion of henna flowers!

Ginko Leaves!

Fun to get outside the henna box!

Quick Swirl Henna

This is 2 days after paste removal

Simple and Elegant

So pretty!

Older Henna

This picture was taken 10 days after paste removal. Holding up quite well!

Jewelry Henna

Jewelry henna with a hint of Victorian or steam punk

Simple Wedding Henna

This henna is loosely based off a picture from the client

Fusion Henna

These hands use a ton of different styles mixed together

Powerful Energy

Fiery and lovely henna

Symbolisim Henna

Yes...those are pool balls!

Hand of Fatima

Popular Indian henna motif

Mish Mosh Henna

I was teaching the client different techniques here

Mandala Fun!

This is always a fun style to have

Yin Yang Dog & Cat

Based off of a design brought in by the customer

Henna In Action!

The process!

Intricate Henna

Full coverage and pretty


Just a hint of henna on the underside

Sealed and Wrapped Henna

To get super dark color, seal and wrap your henna paste and leave overnight.

Nina Love!

Wow! What a GREAT soul to henna!

Sweet Henna Feet!

Pretty and good for the tootsies! Henna is an anti-fungal, so use it to help keep your toes looking their best.

Bold & Delicate

Can a henna design be both bold and delicate? Yes!

Two-Tone Henna

The lighter henna was only keept on for about 6 minutes then removed. The rest of the design was done in the typical fashion

Snow White Henna

Looks like the blue birds from Snow White, yes?

Intricate Peacock Henna

Packed full of healing sybolisim!

Wrap Henna

Just hint of henna wrapped around

Traditional Henna

Traditiona heavy coverage floral henna

Palm Henna

Compliments the top of the hand henna design beautifully

Susan's Skull

Tribal-ret Susan is a mix of different styles. A girly skull is perfect for her!

Lovely Leg Henna

Pretty without being too girly

Tribal Back Henna

Loosely based on a design the custom showed me

Water Inspired

H2O henna! I really loved doing this design!

Tribal Hearts!

Self love henna style!

Music Lover Henna

Notice the key at the bottom of the Treble clef!

Floral Sunshine!

Such a beautiful model for henna!

Freedom Whimsy

Too cute! A blue bird!

Earthy Godess

Strong swirling henna

Man Henna

This was just fun!

Man Henna

This would look great on anyone!

Mother/Daughter Henna

Jane and Emily, some of my favorite people!

Elegant and Flowing

A very elegent natural design

Melissa's henna

A dream of Mother Nature

Nikki's Going Away Henna

A whole new chapter of life

Sybil's Henna Hand

Balance and power henna

Brenda's Vacation Henna

Ton's of detail in this henna design

Ro's Jewelry Henna

Henna designed to look like hand jewelry


Jennifer's necklace

Traditional Henna

Welcome back to health, Wendie!

Fun Hand Henna

Chloe's first henna tattoo

Realism Henna

Henna for Brenda of Bajidoo Art

Henna on Wood Box

Christmas gift for Grandma!

Henna on ME!

A little henna for myself

Henna Steam

Winding like a stream of water

Feel Better, Emma!

Wishing you the best!

Karissa's Centered Henna

Packed full of meaning and symolism

Michelle's heart

Insired by a picture Michelle brought in for me

Love this!

This a fun design using mutiple styles

Moroccan Henna

African designs trend towrds geometric designs

Lovely Back Henna

Traditional henna design...non-traditional location!

Belly Henna

Monica's first belly henna for baby!

Sunflower Henna

Perfect for summertime in Florida!

Henna Among Friends

Personality central here!

Henna Mandala

Traditional henna mandala with lacey Indian style fingers

Lace Glove Henna

Inspired by vintage lace

Sugar Skull Henna

Based on a picture from the client

Fun Layered Henna

Love henna, love!

Scar Coverage

The idea for scar coverage is to keep the eye moving and draw it away from the individual scar.

Intricate Henna

Detailed henna is always lovely!

Flowing Henna Design

This would be a great festival style design

Lovely Dina

A wonderful soul to henna! Look at the work that comes out form her energy!

Fun and Curly

I love this style of henna

Mandala Group

Mandalas add balance and grounding so when doing them in groups I vary the size.

Retro Fun

This is one of my all tiem favorites!

Simple Henna

Quick and simple, but powerful

Hand...Meet Foot

Henna carryover from hand to foot

Dainty & Delicate

Flowing, floral, and delicate on a gorgeous lady

Vintage Inspired

Inspired by a cameo

Peace Baby!

So much fun!

Floral Garden

More hand and foot carryover

Bold & Beautiful

...and I don't mean the show, lol!

Moari Tattoo Style

This is loosely based on Maori style tattoos

Back Henna

A nice level of detail really makes this design flow

Magic Mushroom

Retro and fun

Ellen's Bold Flower

Love doing this design. Ellen let's me go to town!

Traditional Henna

Lacey Indian style using bold lines and negetive space

Scar Coverage

Keeping the eye moving...

Combo Henna

A combination of Indian, Arabic, and Moroccan henna styles are used here

Great Effect!

Dina is the best!

African Henna

Geometric shapes define african henna

Lacey's YIP Hafla Henna

Lacey of Florida Tribal Dance

Jess's YIP Hafla Henna

For the YIP Podcast hafla

Whimsical Henna

Doesn't this just scream FUN!

Traditional and Lovely

Another favorite!

Sexy Legs!

This Goddess henna is perfect for Shelly and her sexy self!

Vacation henna

Fun designs for vacationing gilrs

Lotus Henna

Always a powerful henna design

Indian Henna

Intricate henna using small lines and tons of detail identify Indian henna

Misha's Lotus

Great location for henna

Henna Friends

A little henna among friends!

Trio Henna

Earth, water, and air

Swirl Overload!

So much fun to henna

Nice Color!

I slept in this henna to get a nice deep color tattoo

LOVE This Style

I love doing henna on friends. The designs just flow...

World Cup Henna!

Early henna stain. Henna starts off orange then cures over a couple of days to become a deeper brown or red-brown.

Mature Henna Stain

What a beautiful model! So fun to show off your passions in henna!

Vacation Henna

Welcome to Orlando!

VW Baby!

Jenn's henna gives a nod to her hubby with a VW logo hidden in the henna

Moroccan Henna

African henna is full of geometric shapes

Moroccan Henna

A great little detail spilling over from the front of the henna

A garden of beauty!

Avin makes the best henna model EVER!

Swirls and Fun!

Jennifer projects a super fun energy that makes her so easy to henna!

Gorgeous feet!

Alissa's intricate foot henna. Plenty of detail to keep you staring at it forever!

Belly Henna

Cricket's tree Goddess henna

Pregnant Belly Henna

Flowers for mommy-to-be!

Pretty Henna Feet!

Working around someoen's shoes allows them to leave the shop wearing their shoes!

Supporting Sister Henna!

These sisters just wanted a little henna love to spread amongst each other.

Wisdom and Strength

Traditional henna combines with a owl

Henna Bird

Large wings symbolize freedom in this henna design

Burton Inspired Henna

If Tim Burton had a movie with henna in it, it'd be this! Accented with Gilding paste.

I LOVE these henna trees!

Thanks, Ron, for introducing me to them!

Awww! Belly Henna!

What a wonderful bonding these women have. Pregnant bellies offer the best henna!

Heavy in symbolisim

Sybil loves this style of henna design with plenty of symbolisim.

Wrist Wrap for Sybil's Henna

Edgy Henna

Nadia wanted henna with a bit of an Edge. The color was brilliantly dark the next day!

Edgy Henna Tattoo

...and the palm!

Henna Support

Showing support to the hubby with a bit of henna!

Unique Wedding Henna

The bride wanted to surprise the groom with henna on their wedding night. How sweet!

Long Legs Lara Henna

Talk about a great henna canvas! Lara has the longest legs ever!

Holiday Henna

A bold peace sign gives a wonderful energy and the tiny holly leaf gives a nod to the season.

More Holiday Henna

An ankh and snowflakes!

Inspiring Henna

Jan need some serious inspiration and positive energy!

Combination Henna

African henna mixes with Aribic and Indian henna styles

Great Ring!

This henna was meant to accent that fantastic skull ring!

Henna for Haiti!

Donating henna and positive vibes for Haiti disaster relief

Henna for Haiti

More good-feeling henna for Haiti

Delicate Henna Hand

Traditional floral henna

Finger Fun!

Sometimes I just like to play!

Faith Henna

Katie wanted to emphasize her faith with her henna design.

Tattoo-esque Henna

Centered with a tribal sun

Flower Henna Foot

A bouquet of flower make this foot sweet!

Show It Girl!

Henna to give you a reason to show off weight loss!

Wedding Henna

Jenny wanted a little touch of henna for her beach-side wedding.

Sisters Henna

Drawing inspiration from each other for henna!

Wrapped Henna Hand

A mandala give a strong center point

Wrapped Henna

First Time Henna!

Enjoy, Kate!

Peacock Henna

Feet and hands drawn together with a peacock theme, but all different.

Peacock Henna Hands

Peacocks are considered lucky in India

Lower Back Henna

A special date is in this henna design

Secret Henna

Hubby's name is hidden in here!

Dainty Floral Henna

So pretty!

Henna Love

A surprise for his girlfriend!

Kanji Henna

More vaction henna!

Paradise Henna

The ultimate in vacation henna!

Ganesh Henna

A fun free-style henna on myself!

Celia Henna

Celia always has plenty of great energy to work with!

Celia's Wrap

Ankle Henna

By Request

Personal meanings are great to henna on yourself.

Circle of Henna

Positive energy in the left hand and out the right

Strong Henna Feet

"Hair" Henna

Hair the musical that is!

"Hair" Hippie Henna

Hope the show went great!

Always A Hit!

Ying Yang and tribal sun henna

Friends and Henna Sisters!

It's all about the connection!

Henna for Haiti

Patti's contirbution to Haiti disaster relief!

Wrist Wrap Henna

Self love to you!

Pretty and Sweet

Just a touch of feel-good henna!

Bajidoo Inspired Henna

Bajidoo inspired henna

Tropical Henna

Luck for the Tournament

The Scrabble Kings and Queens!

Henna Everywhere!

A little henna here, a little henna there...

A Little Henna Henna

A Little Foot Henna

Dragon Fly Henna

So pretty!

Branding Henna!

Nothing says you are dedicate to your business like tattooing it on yourself in henna!

Peace Love & Henna

Heather is a local Henna artist her in Orlando. I put her business name on her ankle!

Branding Henna!

Peace Love & Henna

What a great name for a henna business!

Heather, Henna'd Up!

Have a great presentation, Heather!

Different Henna Styles

Who says henna has to match?

Diana's Henna

Diana had a bit of henna everywhere!

Diana's Henna

More henna!

Diana's Henna

...and more henna!

Diana's Henna

...and the last of the henna!

Bird Henna

A nice full hand henna design

Thumb Detail

Manly Henna!

Remember, guys, henna helps keep you cool when applied to the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands!

Triple Spiral Henna

Growth henna

Loving Henna!

Henna with heart!

Layered Henna

Just some fun with myself!

Wrapped Henna

Forearm Henna

The negetive space is what makes this intircate henna deisgn so nice.

Om Henna

Om's, lotus', and other chakra elements pack this design with symbolisim

Goddess Strength and Power

Enjoy your henna you belly dance queen!

Henna for Food!

That's right! One of my charity events trades henna for canned goods!

Even flow Henna

The design just flows!

Spiral Strength Henna

Sprials and curls...femal empowerment

Sweet and Stylish

Such a popular idea, the finger flowing henna.

Emma's Feel Good Henna

Emma loves henna and just wanted something pretty.

Nice Abs!

Talk about some fun henna to do! Violet is awesome!

Kim's 'Shroom

First time henna, yea!!!!!

Betty's First Henna!

Kim and Betty had their first henna's together! Ahhh!

Lacey - Gorgeous!

Lacey, director of Florida Tribal Dance and her grounding henna

Earthy & Grounded

Just what Lacey needed to pull off the big yearly gala!

Best Friends!

I did the large base of Bethany's henna, but left specific areas for her friend to add henna accents. The effect is awesome and the bond created is beautiful!

Bethany's Close-up

Bethany is having TWINS! Congratualtions!

Fiery Sun

Bonnie's solar henna!

More Solar Henna

Perfect for Bonnie!

Peacock Feathers

These wrapped around her arms when Christina lifted her arms. So cool!

Allison's Paisley Leaves

I had a great time with Allison! Warpping henna designs can help with creating energy flow.

Jessica's Calming Henna

Specifically designed to realase nervous energy and capture postive calming energy.

Mother Daughter Henna

Keeley's back design and both of her daughters' hand henna.

Loving Heart Henna

Close up of Keeley's girls henna

Henna Medallion

Mary is one of my favorite people to henna!

Zarina's Wedding Henna

Congratulation's Zarina!

Henna for Me!

Ron of Red Moon Henna treated me to a henna design at the Blissful Lotus.

Eid Henna

Africa style henna for Eid

Anniversary Henna

Andrea of Blades (awesome massage therapist) had henna for her anniversary. Henna desigsn come easy with Andrea!

Family Henna

Henna for my dear cousin and her husband during a surprise visit!

SUPER fun henna!

Kelly is loaded with postive energy! She is a joy to henna.

Mother Daughter Henna

So sweet!

Performance Henna

Stephanie neede henna for her first belly dance performance. Awesome!

Edgy Henna

Nadia asked for edgy henna and she loves hearts.

Edgy Henna Top

The top of the hand is even cooler!

16th Birthday Henna

To celebrate Sophies big 16!

More for Sophie

More of Sophie's sweet 16!

Winter Wonderland

Nikki's fabulous henna scene. She is so easy to henna! Such great energy!

Terri's Tree

Welcome to Orlando!

Whimsical Henna

Courtney's wraping henna

Maribel's Garden

We did this design based on a flower in her costume

Free-Form Tree Henna

Manly henna for Daniel! This was FUN!

Henna Wrapped

This henna design was inspired by a pattern on a backpack, and I used Ron's signature style to create the look of the tree.

Dual Artist Henna

Michelle had a little henna on already and we combined and layered with the henna design to create some great energy!

Sybil's Flowing Energy

Sybil has a wonderful flowing energy that works great with swirls and lotus style flower petals.

Pretty Henna!

Alainia wanted something pretty. We worked in a subtle heart as well!

Powerful Medallion Henna

We've added some female empowerment to this bold, yet delicate henna design.

Henna Necklace

Though a difficult place to stain, the chest is a great place for henna!

Peace Bird

Jessica wanted a bird and she wanted peace signs so we combined them for a fun henna design!

Manly Henna

This henna design was specially created to loosely tie in with the necklace henna Russle's girlfriend was sporting.

Burning Man for the man

Tons of symbolisim in this henna! Perfect the for adventure of Burning Man!

Tribal Burning Man

Burning Man Henna

Water inspired swirls paired with flames make a perfect harmonious combination for Burning Man.

Body Cooling

Camping out in the desert for days and days, means you need as much help as you can get with the heat!

Fertility Fun!

Plenty of sprouts and female empowerment are worked into this design.


Notice the Goddess symbol near the center lower back. The entire design bagan from her.

Fertility Henna

Krista had a wonderful energy flow that made henna easy on her!

More Healing Henna

Plenty of meaningful symbolism mingles in this design. Picture is of the henna one day after application.

Free Hand Lotus Om

The henna was flowing! A circular free hand design like this is made easier by using small dots as place markers.

Ron: Healing Henna

Female strength and power bursting with poitive energy! Great work Ron!

Ron's Lovely Wife at 2nd Saturdays

Aracelis, of Tip-to-Tail petsitting is luckly to have access to Ron's henna all the time!

Friendly Henna

Getting henna done with a friend gives you a great connection to each other. Notice the designs contain similar henna elements.

Friend Henna

Nadia did the henna on the left and I did the henna on the right. This gave a great variety of design and energy for these friends.

Energy Flow

Traditional henna elements allow negetive henna to pass from the body and positive energy to enter the body.

Flower Power!

A flowing floral design helps direct positive energy.

Arabic Floral

Arabic style flowers and paisley leaves swirl around the lovely piece!

Mother Daughter Henna

Misha and her lovely four daughters got personality henna! A custom design was created for each girl to match her personality.

Gilding & Glitter

Some of Ena's famous Razzle Dazzle!

Henna On A Bet

The bet was that she would get her fiancee's name tattooed on her back. Here it is! Tattooed and ready to go!

First Time Henna

Fun first time henna! I loive when people realize that henna is so much more than just a temporary tattoo!

Close Up

Great flow to this design! It always helps to do henna on someone with a great life outlook!

Healing Henna

Henna helps your body balance energy flow and helps with healing.

Healing Henna

I'm so glad everything went well for you, Violet!

Fun in the store!

Henna with intention by Jody for these ladies!

Acorn Theme Henna

A meaningful object ties the henna together for great henna energy.

Simple Henna

This easy design was inspired by Avine's ring.

Ena: Slave Bracelet

Ena does a manly slave bracelet/bowling glove. Joe won his bowling tournament the next day!

First Time Henna

Doing henna on someone for the first time is always a treat!

Quick, Yet Fun!

This is a great easy-to-do henna design that can be done quickly. It still makes a great impact.

Man Henna!

Something spikey and strong is a great choice for henna on men.

Complimentary Henna

Identical henna designs on both arms tends to be a bit cliche. Try using a similar style but a completely differnt shape for a more trendy artistic feel.

Ena: Chastity Belt Henna

Ena did this sexy piece on a new bride.

Ena: Closer Look

Great symmetry!

Ena: Back Of Belt

Ena of The Henna Studio

Leslie's Lily

I used shading to add depth to this calla lily.

Ena: Razzel Dazzel Sample

Ena is the Orlando Goddess of Razzel Dazzel! Glitter, gilding paste, gems, and more.

Ena: Friendly Feet

Ena hennas some friends with fun whimsical designs.

Henna For Charity

Henna from the Gary Lambert Earth Day celebration. All proceeds went to benefit the Gulf Clean Water Restoration Project.

GCWR Project

A manly infinity sign

More GCWR Project Henna

Celebrating Earth Day Birthday in style!

GCWR Project

Doing henna with the shoes on allows your client to walk around without smudging the henna.

Musical Henna

This design creates movement in the henna design drawing the eye upward.

Brenda of Bajidoo

One of Brenda's traditional henna designs!

Courtney's Bold Floral

Courtney has a great eye for balance.

Courtney: After Paste Removal

Natural henna starts off orange and cures int he skin to become darker over a couple of days.

Another First Timer

What energy you get when doing henna on a henna virgin!

Bella Beautiful

Lovely quick henna design that can easily be wrapped around the wrist or trailed down to the fingers.

Ron: Regret Nothing Ambiagram

An ambigram is a word written in such a way that it is legible both rightside-up and upside-down. Ron freehanded this from a print out.

Ron: Regret Nothing Ambiagram

Ron of Red Moon Henna


It's important to take a person's personality into account when you henna them. I had these girls describe each other to me.

More Personality!

Sun Goddess

For the sun lover in all of us Floridains! I LOVE doing suns!

Ron's Distinctive Style

Infinity signs for men are a bit of a theme!

Ron: Peace Out!

Ron's traditional fun henna peace sign.

Ron: Henna Tree

More of Ron's distinctive work.

Ron: Fly Away

Ron creates a sense of freedom in this piece.

Ron: By Request

Ron re-created this symetrical henna design from a client's print-out. No transfer paper was used, it was all freehand!

Ena: Tattoo Try-Out

Ena helps someone with a test-run before the real thing.

Angie's Honeymoon Henna

On her way to Hawaii, I had to give Angie some tropical inspired henna!

Subtle Wedding Henna

Wedding henna for a bride that didn't want anything over the top.

Henna with a Cone

Henna being applied with a maylar cone

Nadia: Fun Henna Feet!

Henna accented with our glitter paste

Nadia's Hand

Nadia's henna at the Grand Opening

Nadia: Daintly Indian Henna

Henna by Nadia at our Grand Opening

Nadia: Cute Foot!

Simple and easy! All punctuation.

Manly Tribal

This funky tribal design works beautifully on the back.

Belly Blessings

Love, luck, and blessing for mommy, daddy, and baby!

Nadia: More Grand Opening Henna

Accented with blue glitter paste

Nadia: Henna Bracelet

This is a great design for someone that doesn't know what they want.

Beach Henna

Doing henna on the beach is the best!

Julee's Om

What great color! Henna was left overnight with a sealer and wrap.

Peace and Life

Look at those shoes!

Flowered Feet

Love this! A trail of flowers...

Jungle Henna

An affinity for leaves and greenery inspired this design.

Hearts and Love

How sweet!

Henna & Bangles

What a fantastic look!

Wrapped Henna

Henna designs that wrap around the hand are some of my favorites!

Goddess Strength

Just after paste removal.

Kayla's Tree of Life

This was Kayla's first attempat at henna! What fantastic color on the back (a very difficult place to stain).

Beautiful Indian Feet

Very traditional design.

Chinese Good Luck

Aren't all Chinese symbols either a blesing or luck?

More Asian Inspired...


How fun! I mixed tea tree oil in my henna mix to get nice dark color.

Punctuation Heaven!

Nadia is the dainty punctuation Queen!

Center + Fingers

Great quick design. Wonderful for festivals and other events.

Henna & Glitter Paste

Glitter paste can really make a henna design stand out.

Om Symbol

Henna on Sherry a yoga instructor form Friday Night Nirvana at the YOU Health Center

Paisley Dream

Preformance henna for a Tribal Fusion dancer

The Other Arm...

Tribal Swirls

Nice heavy design that leaves great color!


This picture was taken just after the dried henna paste was removed.

After 36 Hours Curing Time

Same tattoo 36 hours after the dried henna was removed. Nothing special was done after the henna was removed.

Great Color!

To get deep color like this, a wrap was used of tissue and saran wrap after the henna was sealed with lemon and sugar.

Close Up Swirl

This design is very easy to do, is quick, and looks great.

Tara's Vacation Feet!

Long-time customer-turned friend, Tara gave us a vist during her Disney vacation!

Subtle & Elegant

An elegant design that is not too difficult.

Oooh La La

Nothing like a pair of sexy heels to dress up your henna!

Henna all Glittered up!

How pretty is this henna design with accenteing glitter paste?!

Star Light, Star Bright

What a fun design! Whimsical designs complimenting each other on the face and shoulder. Add a touch of irridescent glitter and there you have it!

A Pretty Floral

Traditional Indian floral design, with a modern use of negetive space.

Pirate Sun

This is for a Pirates of the Caribbean themed New Year's Eve Party.

Pirate Wench Tattoo

It's going to be soooome party!

Triplet Star

Cool henna design for the holidays. A bit of Christmas spirit.

Courtney's Henna Fix

This was a quick design done to cover a poor henna design. It turned out quite pretty and it's rather simple to do.

FIRST Henna Design

This is Courtney's first henna desing ever! Fantastic isn't it?

Hidden Henna Fun

Notice that Courtney subtlely added her boyfriend's name in her design.

Celestial Tribal

This is an easy design to do on both hands when you are not ambidextrous.

Celestial Close-Up

I wish I had a picture of this the next morning. It came up to the most beautiful coffee brown.

Glitter Paint!

Very cool design accented with homemade glitter gel.


Goddess for the Goddess!

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